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After an Accident in New Hampshire

When you have been involved in a car accident in NH, you may feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about what to do. You might also be unaware of your rights and how best to go about protecting those rights. Annutto Law Office can guide you through an accident situation and ensure everything is handled correctly and legally.

Seek Medical Attentionpersonal injury lawyer in Nashua NH

The very first thing you should do after an accident is secure immediate medical help. Anyone injured, regardless of fault, needs to be attended to as soon as possible. Any vehicles involved should stay where they are, unless a vehicle is posing a hazard to others. In that case, everyone and every vehicle should move to a safe location.

Once immediate medical and safety needs are taken care of, you should get as much information as possible. This means gathering the names and numbers of anyone involved and any witnesses. You can take license plate and insurance information also. If possible at the time, you can take pictures of the scene and the damage.

Exchange of Information

After the initial exchange of information, you should take additional pictures of any injuries and evidence that may support your version of the accident, including torn clothes or anything else that may be remotely relevant. It is also recommended that you write down what happened and include any details fresh in your mind. While you think you will remember everything, details can become cloudy after just a few hours, especially if you have been injured or are in shock. The sooner you jot down facts, the more accurate your recollection of the accident will be.

Once you have been treated medically and have taken the immediate steps after an accident, you need to keep careful track of medical bills, appointments, doctor’s notes, missed work time, or anything else related to the accident. This includes anything from the insurance company involved.

Speak to an Experienced Injury Attorney

It is important to contact personal injury lawyer Joseph M. Annutto quickly after an accident. Our firm can determine what information is relevant and can even investigate the scene on your behalf. At no time during the process should you sign anything from an insurance company or settle without an attorney. We can evaluate what happened and determine a fair and just settlement that will help you recover as much as possible. Being injured in an accident because of the recklessness of another can be extremely frustrating and emotional. We can ease those frustrations and help you avoid any costly mistakes. Let us guide you through this difficult time.

Personal Injury Attorney in New Hampshire

A personal injury case can encompass a wide range of incidents and injuries. If you are injured in an accident or incident that was caused by the recklessness, carelessness, or negligence of another party, you may have grounds to file a personal injury suit. Annutto Law Office has the personal injury attorneys on hand who have the experience and compassion needed to evaluate your situation and pursue the best possible options for your personal injury case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury can commonly occur after a vehicle accidentslip and fall accident, or other situation where you suffer injuries while doing nothing wrong. Injuries can mean extensive medical bills, continued rehabilitative services, and invasive surgeries. You may be left with scars, a disability, broken bones, head injuries, burns, or other challenging health obstacles that can affect your entire life. A personal injury situation may mean a long time without working or an inability to ever work again. It can impact your ability to enjoy a certain quality of life.

Filing a Lawsuit

The physical impact can be costly, as can the emotional impact of a personal injury accident. Our firm understands the toll mounting medical bills may take on you and your family. The inability to work can have a ripple effect on every aspect of your life and future. Certain injuries may even worsen over time and an uncertain recovery time can make the situation more distressing. By filing a personal injury suit, that impact can be minimized and you can get the help you need to move forward after an accident.

Experience Injury Attorney

Annutto Law Office can give your personal injury case the time and attention needed to garner optimal results. We have the resources necessary to investigate the scene, gather evidence, and interview witnesses. We will research similar cases and work to get you the best settlement. Our firm can also enlist the help of medical experts who can explain the true impact of your injuries. The insurance companies will not look after your best interest, but we will. Our firm has the ability to evaluate what you need and negotiate the maximum compensation. If negotiations don’t work, we will fight tirelessly through litigation to get you what you need.

As soon as a personal injury occurs, get the immediate help you need and then call us. We have the experience and skill needed to figure out a fair settlement and the dedication it takes to make that settlement possible.

Car Accident Attorney in New Hampshire

If you are involved in a car accident in New Hampshire and it occurred because of the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of another, you have rights and protections under personal injury law in New Hampshire. Annutto Law Office has the experience and compassion needed to help you get the compensation necessary to recover as much as possible.


Car Accident Lawyer in Nashua NH

Personal Injury Lawyer for  Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents, even those minor in nature, can have a long-lasting impact on your life and your health. Some of the most common car accident injuries that lead to personal injury cases include:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Broken bones, fractures, and sprains
  • Concussions and other head injuries
  • Lacerations, abrasions, and bruises
  • Burns and scarring
  • Paralysis
  • Internal injuries
  • Emotional trauma
  • Disability

When injured in a car accident, the immediate medical help can be costly. On-going care can be even costlier. You may be unable to work for a long time, if ever again. This means any career opportunities or specialized training may be impossible to enjoy as you struggle to recover. The recovery time can be lengthy and highly unpredictable. The emotional duress and toll a car accident may take on you and your family can immeasurable. You may suffer lost wages and mounting rehabilitation bills you simply can’t afford.

Speak With an Auto Accident Attorney First!

The insurance company involved may try to get you to settle before you even know the full impact or cost of the injuries, now and in the future. After a car accident, you need to secure immediate medical help. Then, you need to secure your rights by having a personal injury attorney hear the details of the incident.

Annutto Law Office has the resources and the compassion needed to ensure the best results for your car accident case. Our team takes the time to research similar cases and settlements. We will investigate the scene of the accident, gather evidence, and work to build a case. Attorney Annutto can interview witnesses and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. We will work with medical professionals to evaluate what kind of settlement may help you reach optimal recovery. Plus, we will evaluate what you have lost through lost wages and pain and suffering. Before you settle or accept someone else’s opinion of what your injuries may be worth, let us hear the details of the case. Let personal injury lawyer Joseph M. Annutto fight for you and fight to get you what you need to move forward after car accident.

Slip and Fall Attorney in New Hampshire

Property and business owners in New Hampshire have the legal obligation to keep that property free from certain hazards. There is a responsibility to maintain certain safety standards for the protection of visitors and patrons. Many unchecked hazards can lead to what is legally referred to as slip and fall injuries. If you have been injured in this manner at an establishment in New Hampshire, you need to know your rights. Annutto Law Office can ensure your case is taken seriously and your rights are protected.

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in NH

A slip and fall accidents in NH can happen under a number of different circumstances. If there is some sort of temporary hazard, such as a spill or broken step, the business owner has the legal responsibility to either fix it quickly or post a clearly seen warning. Other hazards may exist and not be dealt with as needed. Some of the most common hazards that lead to slip and fall injuries in New Hampshire include:

  • Uneven or broken steps
  • Cracks in floors
  • Tears or loose strings from carpet
  • Holes in floors
  • Unsecure railings
  • Missing railings
  • Uneven or cracked sidewalks
  • Snow and ice hazards not removed in a timely manner.
  • Improper lighting of walkways or stairs
  • Unstable displays
  • Any other hazard that leads to a preventable injury

Types of Injuries Sustained from Slip and fall

Injuries sustained can vary from minor to severe. Some common injuries may include: head and back injuries, broken bones, hip and knee problems, cuts and scrapes, bruising and sprains, paralysis, and a worsening of pre-existing injuries. These injuries can be costly and take a toll on your overall health. The extent of your recovery may be uncertain. If you need to miss work to recover or receive on-going treatment, the lost wages can affect every aspect of your life. You may not be able to return to a job you love or may be disabled for the long-term. The medical bills, rehab services, and overall toll on your emotional health may be far-reaching.

Don’t Talk To Insurance Companies - Call an Experienced Injury Attorney

An insurance company may try to get you to settle for less than you need and certainly less than you deserve. Don’t accept the insurance company’s assessment of your situation. Annutto Law Office has experience with slip and fall cases. We can evaluate exactly what happened and what you may need to recover. We can enlist the help of medical professionals who can give insight about the severity of your injuries and the recovery that may lie ahead. Our firm will investigate the scene and gather evidence. We can interview witnesses and document proof of the hazard in order to best present your side. Attorney Annutto takes slip and fall cases very seriously and knows you need compassion while you focus on recovery. Let us hear the details of what happened and then let us work to secure the best possible settlement.

Loss of Consortium Attorney in New Hampshire

If your spouse is injured in New Hampshire and certain aspects of your life and marriage have changed as a result, you may have legal recourse to seek a loss of consortium claim. Annutto Law Office has experience and the skill necessary to pursue and successfully negotiate and litigate a loss of consortium case.

Types of Loss of Consortium

Consortium is a legal term that covers a wide range of marital behaviors and responsibilities. It includes services to spouse and society, specifically including:

  • Love
  • Companionship
  • Affection
  • Comfort
  • Moral support
  • Social responsibilities
  • Services such as physical assistance in maintenance and care of the home
  • Family responsibilities and duties, such as child care
  • Sexual relations
  • Ability procreate

Loss of consortium in NH can mean the inability to do any or all of the above for or with a spouse. These losses can be difficult to evaluate financially. The long-term effects of loss of consortium can be immeasurable and take a heavy emotional toll on a marriage and family. A loss of consortium case is typically filed in conjunction with a personal injury claim filed by the injured spouse.

Experienced Injury Attorney for Loss of Consortium

These kinds of cases can be emotional and highly personal as they may require delving into sensitive issues and intimate details of a couple’s private life. Annutto Law Office understands the toll loss of consortium in any capacity may have on a marriage. We also understand it takes a great deal of compassion and sympathy to prepare a loss of consortium claim. Attorney Annutto can be your source for that sympathy and compassionate support. We can give your loss of consortium case the time and attention needed to fully evaluate the loss you as a spouse have suffered. We will patiently explain your options and present the best case scenario. We take this kind of loss seriously and will fight to garner damages that reflect what you have lost. Let us hear the details and see what we may be able to do for you.

Pain and Suffering Laws in New Hampshire

A personal injury accident in NH can leave behind many scars for victims and victims’ families. However there are scars and injuries that can’t be seen but are still just as costly and devastating for victims and families. If you have been injured, you may be entitled to damages that fall under pain and suffering. Annutto Law Office can evaluate your case and determine if pain and suffering damages may be warranted in your case.

Types of Pain & SufferingPersonal Injury lawyer in Nashua NH

Pain and suffering laws in NH can encompass a wide range of damages that are not related to economic damages. Economic damages pertain to medical bills, lost wages, and other monetary damages suffered. Because pain and suffering can’t be measured with a set formula or predetermined number, it can be difficult to decipher and each case can vary greatly. Some of the factors a judge may consider when determining the status of pain and suffering damages may include the severity of the injuries, the duration of the pain and suffering experienced, the details of any physical and psychological trauma.

Some issues or troubles that may warrant a pain and suffering settlement can include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Fear and anxieties
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Mental anguish
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Anger
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Experienced Injury Attorney

When pursuing pain and suffering, it is imperative that you document your troubles. This may be through documentation of therapy and records of doctor visits for certain problems. Professional help may ease some of the problems, but that can grow costly and there may be long-term problems that therapy or a doctor can’t help. The long-term consequences of some of these issues may affect every aspect of your life and your family’s life.

Annutto Law Office takes your pain and suffering seriously. We know these problems can affect your work life, home life, and may cause you to struggle for years to come. While we can’t make pain and suffering disappear, we can calculate an amount that may help you recover as much as possible and move forward with your life. We will evaluate your pain and suffering, find similar cases that may support your case, and negotiate an amount that suits your best interest. Our firm fights for the monetary damages that you have suffered, but we also understand how pain and suffering can affect you overall. There is a three year statute of limitations on pain and suffering claims. Our firm will dedicate the time needed to fight to have your pain and suffering acknowledged. Let personal injury lawyer Joseph M. Annutto us hear what happened to you and see if we can help you move forward.

Recovering Lost Wages Laws in New Hampshire

If you have been in a car accident and suffered injuries, you may be dealing with mounting medical bills. You may also have to miss work to recover or have suffered a disabling injury that prevents you from working again. Lost wages can take a massive toll on your life and your ability to support your family. If this is the case, Annutto Law Office can help you recover those lost wages.

How to Recover Lost Wages in NH

Lost wages laws in NH can get complicated after an accident. In order to claim and recover lost wages, there are certain steps to take and certain documents to get. A doctor will have to provide documentation about your specific injury, treatment, and medication. This should include specific reasons the injury prevents you from working. It should also include a specific timeline for how long you can’t perform work duties. If the injury is a permanent disability, that should be clearly outlined. It is important to have specific dates and keep all documentation from any health care professional involved.

Documentation Needed

Having the medical documentation needed is one thing. You also need to have specific documentation about your wages. Proof of your wages or salary along with proof of time lost is vital. This can be fairly simple if you are an hourly employee. However, proving wages for commissioned employees or self-employed people may require past tax documents to calculate lost wages. Lost wages also include more than just earnings over a certain time period. Lost wages also encompass lost bonuses, any potential raises lost due to time away, and lost promotional opportunities. Future commissions can also be calculated. With permanent disability, lost earnings now and in the future can be calculated over a lifetime. Because of the potential complications with long-term or unusual wages, experts may need to weigh in and put together accurate numbers.

Experienced Lost Wages Attorney

Annutto Law Office has the understanding and compassion that it takes to grasp just how devastating lost wages can be for an individual and a family. Our firm has the experience to fight for lost wages and we have the resources to handle the most complex cases. We can gather the evidence you need and secure documentation that proves your case down to the dollar. Our firm can set a recovery of lost wages case in motion and evaluate your chances of getting what you need. We will fight for what you have lost from day one and will continue to fight for what you could possibly lose in the future. Let us help you recover the wages you deserve and make it possible to move forward from this difficult time.

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

This might be the most common question posed to a personal injury attorney. If you have been injured in an accident, you may suffer all types of losses. You deserve to have those losses compensated and you deserve to be able to move forward after this difficult ordeal. Annutto Law Office can evaluate your case and determine an estimate of what your case may be worth.

Determining Worth

When determining worth of a personal injury case, there may be certain obvious monetary damages to calculate. The cost of medical bills for immediate treatment of injuries is certainly a factor in a settlement amount. On-going medical care is also part of a fair and just settlement. This may include physical therapy, more surgeries, or any kind of follow-up care such as rehabilitative services. Other factors include the severity of the injuries. If the injuries cause significant scarring that can alter your self-confidence or affect your psychological well-being, there may be a greater settlement. If the injuries have impacted your enjoyment of life and ability to live up to family and community responsibilities, that might factor into the amount. If you are young and sustain lifelong injuries, your case may be worth more. Loss of consortium may also make a case worth more, also. Any future medical cost and the affect an injury has on your career goals or income in general will all be weighed. Other factors will include the extent and value of any damages to property, such as your car or other lost property.

Speak With an Experienced Injury Law Firm

Each case is vastly different and there is no set formula for what any given case is worth. The best way to ensure a fair settlement and avoid settling with an insurance company for less than what you need to recover is to have an experienced attorney by your side. Attorney Joseph Annutto is able to estimate what your case is worth and fight to make sure you don’t settle for less. Our firm will investigate every detail of the case and the losses you have endured. We will gather evidence and discover similar cases and settlements so you have an idea of what the outcome may be. If you have been injured, it is better to know upfront what to expect and what may be a possible resolution. With us in your corner, there will be no surprises and you can rest assured your best interests are being looked after. Don’t undervalue yourself, your injuries, or what it may take to get your life back. Let us help secure the maximum settlement for your personal injury case.