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Annutto Law Office
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 26 reviews
by Bong Ching on Annutto Law Office

Great all around lawyer. Awesome representation for anyone! Would highly recommend!

by anonymous on Annutto Law Office

Had an issue . That Mr. Annuto resolved very quickly and firmly. He is great I would recommend to anyone looking for a great lawyer.

by King Nation on Annutto Law Office

Amazing lawyer would recommend to anyone friendly. Helped me out with a court issue great price. Will come back to you if anything else happens Thank you so much!

by anonymous on Annutto Law Office

Joe is a rock star. My ex-wife tried to move 4 children out of state when we had shared physical custody. Joe blocked the move and I have my children back. It wouldn't have happened without him.

by Raul Arias Vargas on Annutto Law Office

Laura gave me good advice, she show me a lot of interest in help me get what's best for me. And it was free consultation.

by anonymous on Annutto Law Office

Joe was so helpful and understanding. I really appreciated his advice. The other lawyer was just stonewalling everything. Joe was outstanding at the hearing. My wife regretted hiring her lawyer.

by Lee Stratton on Annutto Law Office

The Annutto Law Office was recommended by a friend who had recently had documentation work done by Atty. Tara Ward. In a one hour consultation, Tara explained the legal process I was facing and outlined a strategy and the steps to be taken. She has stayed on top of the case and provided excellent information and advice throughout and has actively represented me to the court and other parties involved, while keeping expenses under control. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of family law assistance at reasonable prices.

by Lee Brucks on Annutto Law Office

I met with four different attorneys that specialize in family law. I was looking for a particular person and a particular personality. I definitely was not seeking a “one size fits all” lawyer. I wanted someone who was highly intelligent, outspoken and driven without being perceived as being abrasive. Further, I wanted someone with the ability to communicate in a way that would not alienate either party. Lastly, as I am a business professional, I wanted someone with strong analytical skills. From a business perspective, I also was seeking the same qualities that anyone expects in business dealings and that’s basic chemistry so the relationship is not adversarial, it’s complementary. The most important way to know that I was very satisfied with Attorney Tara Ward @ the Annutto Law Firm is that I will use Attorney Ward for future legal needs and I have and will continue to refer people to her as well.

by Jamie Mackel on Annutto Law Office

I have never needed a lawyer before and I found myself in a situation where I needed a divorce lawyer ASAP. I was kind of blindsided. I started to panic and get nervous who should I call, who can I use, do I know anyone who is a lawyer, or would refer me to a good lawyer. That is when I was referred to Tara Ward @ Annutto Law. I called and I got an appt that same day. Every time I called or emailed Tara she got right back to me. She became very familiar with me and my case. I felt like she knew everything she needed to know in order to help me. She answered my questions and walked me step by step thru the divorce process.

I was very pleased with the way my divorce turned out and the settlement that I got. I highly recommend Tara Ward as a divorce lawyer

by David Rutledge on Annutto Law Office

What can I say about attorney Tara Ward?, well I'll tell you. Going through a divorce is probably the single most tragic and disheartening experience a person can endure. Upon my first meeting at the Annutto law offices I was immediately relieved. I was a mess and in disbelief to what was happening with me and my family prior to meeting with attorney Ward. Attorney Ward was very comforting and soothing, made me stop worrying as she assured me that the process didn't have to be as complicated as I perceived it might have been, she was right. As soon as I made my second appearance now represented by Annutto law office, it was quite evident that everything was going to be ok, there was a complete about face on behalf of the other party. Attorney Ward put everything in perspective and brought it all back to reality, she made it possible for me to continue on as before I didn't think it was possible as I have never gone through anything more difficult in my life such as divorce. If you find yourself in such a life changing event as divorce or any family law matter for the case I couldn't recommend Annutto law office with anything better other than the highest regard, oh and did I mention the value?, incredible! These people are so incredibly fair and flexible, Thank You Attorney Ward!

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